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CPG100+ Implementation for Food Manufacturing

The client’s key requirement was an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that would help to automate and integrate all of the business processes across all functional areas, from farm operations to customer service, for enhance integration and control.

SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation helps businesses streamline operations, reduce costs, and save time by building intelligent Bots.

With a low-cost design studio, automate routine and repetitive operational tasks and optimize processes. With SAP Intelligent RPA, businesses can easily create, schedule, monitor and manage Bots that automate your business tasks so that you can use the time for high-value business tasks and processes.

Key Features of SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation



Easily defined sequences and dependencies to create automated Bots that work with a trigger mechanism of predefined events or a set schedule with intelligent robotic process automation.


Integrates with APIs and Machine learning capabilities to enhance Bot functionalities for intelligent task management by intelligent RPA with SAP.


Analyze operational statistics for insights into enhancing Bot functionalities and accelerate process execution using easy tools for the usage analysis.

Packaged Bots

Includes preconfigured Bots built for specific business needs such as accounts payable automation in SAP. These Bots can be enhanced in their functionalities as per custom requirements, apart from creating a reusable set of steps for Bot development.

S/4HANA Implementation

Accelerate your path for S/4HANA implementation by using preconfigured Bots and content that works for your business tasks. Easily include Metadata and APIs to extend functionalities and better manage Bots.


SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation helps create Intelligent Bots that integrate with SAP and Non-SAP Apps for implementing business processes in your technology landscape.

What Microexcel offers

Microexcel offers custom Bot development services that help create and deploy Bots to ensure support for error-free and scalable business tasks and create a better customer experience and usage advantages for your employees.

In addition, our SAP Workflow automation solutions help in creating automated and optimized process models. These support better decision making and accord a cost and value-driven advantage in handling your business operations such as in Finance, Sales, Human Resources, Customer Service, and many more functional areas.

If you are looking to implement SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation for your business operations, Microexcel can be your perfect technology partner for custom SAP Bot development. Do contact us for your specific requirements and see how we can make a difference.

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