Organizational Change Management

Change management through preparedness training

Organizational Change Management

Custom Organizational Change Management solutions from Microexcel help you get the optimal advantage and benefit realization from your technology implementation

Organizational change management in SAP is the most critical step in the journey towards a successful SAP implementation.

There are many instances where ineffective change management led to a failure of the entire SAP implementation.

This is because organizations tend to focus on change at a later stage, rather than planning for the change right at the commencement of the implementation.

At Microexcel, we understand that SAP change management is an integral process of the entire implementation lifecycle. It should not just be limited to using a systems integrator for addressing the challenges that occur in new implementation. There are many scenarios that require a structured change management, such as for new technology adoption, ERP implementation and many more.

Organizational change management must go beyond traditional methods of end-user training. Our S/4 HANA change management solution roadmap offer a comprehensive solution for adopting the change. We also offer solutions for other SAP implementations as per your custom needs and go beyond traditional SAP change management tools.

Our SAP Change Management Process

  • Identify the current change management process, challenges, and opportunities
  • Assessing the expected changes that the organization requires
  • Aligning the business goals and vision with change management process
  • Strategizing Employee communication and training processes
  • Identifying risks and mitigating them
  • Using a standardized change management methodology that is efficient and easy to adopt

Benefits of our SAP Change Management Solution Roadmap


Process Alignment

The Process Alignment phase ensures that the future state processes align with the change. It also defines the standard operating procedures to be followed after adopting to the change.

Goal Alignment

This stage identifies the organizational goals that would be met by adopting the change and ensures that the change achieves the benefits from the implementation.

Preliminary Assessment

Our SAP Change Management solutions begins with a preliminary assessment of current technology landscape and the projected changes. It involves analysis of users, processes, and stakeholders. This stage also identifies risks and strategizing a roadmap for risk mitigation.

User Alignment

This stage strategizes the change so that it aligns with users implementing the new processes, by creating a roadmap for effective training and technology adoption.

Technology Adoption

This phase includes implementing the actual change in tune with the desired objectives from the above phases.

End-user Training

This phase involves training the end-users on the change, so that they get an understanding of the new operational processes and the technology environment.

What Microexcel offers

At Microexcel, we understand that change management in SAP is an integral process of the entire implementation lifecycle. It should not just be limited to using a systems integrator for addressing the challenges that occur in new implementation.

If your organization is looking for a reliable technology partner which can help get optimal business benefits from effective SAP Change Management, do contact us and see how we can make a difference.

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