Data Capture & Document Automation

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Data Capture and Document Automation

Learn more about Microexcel’s Data Capture and Document Automation solutions, and the way they bring in enhanced efficiency with savings in costs and resource utilization.

Enterprise Resource Management applications like SAP involve storage and processing of huge volumes of data. Manual processing is time consuming and laborious besides being prone to errors.

Microexcel has a solution offering for SAP Data Capture and Document Automation, provided as a Managed Cloud Services. The solution automates the process of filling in data and captures data from manual documents into the system. This helps in saving time and having a standardized format for data capturing-thereby preventing errors and reducing manual efforts.

Different types of data that can captured through Document Automation

Vendor_invoice_processing Vendor invoice processing RPA & Management
Sales_order_processing Sales Order processing for customers
Quotes Quotes
Order_Confirmation Order Confirmations
Delivery_notes Delivery Notes
Operational_Workflows Operational Workflows

Data Capture & Document Automation Solution Features

Our SAP Data Capture and Document Automation solution uses intelligence to extract data from your business documents. It captures data from a wide range of image formats such as JPG, PDF, PNG, and others.
You can create pre-defined logic for capturing data from the available fields and can also add custom fields for building processing logic, such as for accounts payable invoice workflow automation.
The Data Capture and Document Automation solutions help you create templates for data capturing, supporting a wide range of documents from different formats from various geographies.
The solutions include Machine learning capabilities and cognitive document automation that help in accurate data capturing and processing from a vast range of data sources.
This helps in reducing time and manual efforts and helps you focus less on mundane tasks which are error prone and can be automated, as in case of automated invoice matching.
Increase the accuracy and efficiency of data that is required for key business processes.
The Data Capture and Document Automation solutions help you in automating tasks for key business processes from start to finish, thereby enhancing the capabilities of your ERP system.

What Microexcel offers

If you are looking for an efficient Data Capture and Document Automation solution that can help your business reduce time and effort, Microexcel has just the right solution for you.

Do contact us to know more about how you can benefit from this and see how we can make a difference.

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